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Don't Open the Box

Gamer's Paradise

It’s a heavy work day for Jeremy but being a gamer, he doesn’t mind that. Sitting at his computer desk he is playing “Call of Duty” with another gamer called “Bandit794.” Together they are taking the war to the worlds and so far it is going great. He grabs his can of stevia cola and takes a long sip. He wants his energy on top form to finish this challenge. With all of his focus on the opposition, he and Bandit sneak up behind him and shoot him, leaving the two of them together finishing this challenge.

“Oh yeah!” He yells out triumphantly waving his fists in the air. He stands up when he hears the front door open.

“Hello!” calls the friendly, familiar voice of his long-time girlfriend, Jacy.

“Hey Babe!” Jeremy calls from the office and walks out to greet her. “I just finished yet another amazing session and I think you will be looking at the next “Call of Duty” winner by next week.”

“That’s great!” She says and they both give each other a kiss hello.

“How was work for you?” He asks.

“Nothing major. It was pretty uneventful in the office.” She states. “You hungry?”

“Starving!” He speaks dramatically.

“I’ll get started on dinner when I change into some lovely home clothes.” She declares as she puts her coat and scarf away in the closet.

“Take your time. I’m going to grab a beer.” He says as she walks past him and he goes to the kitchen. “You want one?”

“Sure.” She calls from their bedroom.

A Cold One in the Weirdest Glass

Jeremy walks into the kitchen and opens the fridge to collect the two beer bottles he has in there. He sets them on the counter and opens the drawer to find a bottle opener. Instead, he looks at the counter and sees a cardboard box. He doesn’t remember seeing that there before and is puzzled to see it now.

“Babe! Did you bring in a package?” Jeremy asks loudly as he opens the beer bottles.

“No. Why do you ask?”

“There’s a package on the counter.” He answers.

Jacy walks in with her hair still in a ponytail but changed from her office blouse and pencil skirt into a T-shirt with jeans. She has a questioning look on her face which she often gets when she thinks he is nuts. That’s the look that made him realize that she is perfect for him. This time it’s different. Together they look at the package on the counter.

“Where did this come from?” She asks.

“I don’t know.” He replies.

They study this package and it looks no different from any other postal package but the card on it is unusual to say the least. It says “Do Not Open” in large letters. Jacy is a little afraid but Jeremy is quite intrigued.

“Well.” He says handing her beer to her. “Let’s open it.”

“What?” She exclaims incredulous at him. “Are you crazy? That could be a bomb!”

“Come on a bomb?” He snickers, sets his beer down and opens the box before Jacy could stop him. Inside is a smaller plain wooden box. “See? It’s not a bomb just another box. Someone is just trying to prank us.”

The box

He picks up his beer and takes a long pull of it while Jacy takes the box out of the package and inspects it. She takes an easy breath, knowing that Jeremy is right. She sets the box on the edge of the counter and goes to pick up her beer bottle. She takes a drink of her beer and walks over to Jeremy. He puts his arm around her, presses his lips to her forehead, and they both begin to relax.

“Okay your right.” She utters and walks to the stove. “I’ll start dinner. How do you feel about spaghetti?”

Before he could answer, the box falls down and shatters on the ground. It makes them both jump as they see all these broken pieces and a small note inside the rubble. Jeremy bends down to pick it up and sees yet another message on it.

It says, “You shouldn’t have opened this.”

They both look at each other and now both of them are alarmed. Jacy looks towards the living room and sees something that has her frozen in fear with her eyes going wide. Jeremy looks from her to the living room and both of them see a shadow-like mist.

The mist starts floating slowly towards them. A tentacle like mass emerges from it’s center and it turns into this claw-like hand. Moving on instinct, Jeremy grabs Jacy’s hand and runs towards the front door. Suddenly the electricity goes haywire. The lights turn on and off by themselves with a vengeance.

The Box on the Floor

“What’s happening?!” Jacy screams and the two of them turn around to see the black mass quickly approaching them in the hallway.

They turn to run and all the doors start slamming shut as if this thing is trying to keep them there. The front door slams shut as the darkness still floats towards them. Both are shaken and don’t know what to do. Jeremy sees the door to his office is close by and still open. The mass has just turned the corner and the office door is between them.

Without thinking, Jeremy grabs Jacy again and they both run into his office. Quickly Jeremy locks the door while Jacy runs to his window and opens it. She pulls his office chair over and begins to climb to the window.

“Come on Jeremy! Lets go!” She says frantically waving him towards her.

“I’m with you!” He says before pulling the chest of drawers before the door. In seconds he runs towards her, puts his hand on her rear end, and he pushes her out the window. “Go Jacy! Go!”

After a yelp from her, he turns to look at the door. The mist is seeping through the bottom of the door. The chest of drawers isn’t blocking it at all. It makes his blood run cold but with Jacy screaming at him and trying to pull him through the window, Jeremy snaps out of his stare. He jumps out of the window and into Jacy’s arms.

Running through the field

They both take off running towards the field. Not knowing where they are running to, the two of them make it to a supermarket parking lot. They sit on a hill behind the market holding onto each other. Jacy starts crying hysterically. Jeremy is feeling all negative emotions at once. Sad, afraid, angry. This is something he can’t fight and now they have no where to go and nothing they can do about this. He knows one thing though. At least he has Jacy with him and if she is with him everything will be okay.

Special Thanks to:

Rite of Ritual : For the cool box and all of their inspiring items. 211 17 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 1H5

The Village Brewery: For some damn good drinks. 5000 12a St SE, Calgary, AB T2G 5K9


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