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A Knight's duty is never done

It is a routine night at the Knights and Valkyries Station. Sir Percival is sitting at the desk looking at the crystal ball, keeping apprise of what is happening out in the world. By the look of the barecrystal, there is nothing to report. He leans up against his fist, thinking about what his brothers and sisters in arms are doing right now. Probably being just as bored as he is only they get to patrol around areas, not sit in one place like he is. A sigh escapes his lips and the crystal ball has no image in it at all. That means, there is nothing going on at all. Just before he can nod off, Ark the giant bursts through the station’s double doors.

“I’m awake! I’m awake!” Sir Percival says startled with his arms splayed across the counter. He looks up and sees Ark. It’s a good thing the shrinking potion Ark is using is still working otherwise he could take this whole place down. “Ark? What the hell is going on?!”

“It’s Lady Merdia!” He bursts out huffing and puffing in panic. “She’s been killed!”

“What?!” Sir Percival sits up straight and alert.

“It was a shadow demon!” He yells. “It sucked the life right out of her.”

What's the Crystal Ball say?

Tears start bursting out of Ark’s eyes, finally coming to terms with what he has just seen. One of the Nether Realm’s most famous celebrities and beloved angel was murdered right in front of him. He buries his bearded-face into his hands and begins to tremble. Sobs escape from the normally big man and he grows pale. Sir Percival runs around the counter and leads Ark to one of the waiting chairs sitting against the wall.

“Here Ark.” He calmly responds to the hyperventilating man, patting his back. “Listen. Breathe. I’ll send out a squad right now but I need you to calm down. Remember, if you vomit or even cry out too much, you will go from being 6’4 back to 11 feet. That would be bad.”

Ark slows his breathing and wipes his eyes dry as he knows that the knight is speaking the truth. He slowly calms down and looks to Sir Percival.

“I’ll call the other knights and valkyries immediately.” Sir Percival announces. “Then if you are able, can I take you into my office and get your statement?”

Beware the Shadow Demon

A teary-eyed Ark nods at him and stands up. The knight puts a comforting hand on his shoulder and leads him towards his office. As they pass the counter, Sir Percival taps on an intricate silver bell that calls the nearest protectors to the station. Quickly, he turns back towards Ark.


Without a moment to lose, the knights race on their enchantedly enhanced horses at great speed with the valkeries taking the sky on their winged-horses. The dispatch makes its way to Lady Merdia’s mansion in a matter of seconds. A full sweep needs to be done before the psychics and healers can come in.

It is the knights and valkeries job to help the victims, find the villains, and secure the area. As always they are the first ones on the scene to make sure that everything is safe for an investigation to take place.

The men and women park their assigned horses to the side of the front stairwell. Carefully, all of the protectors hold their shields in front of them and unsheathe their weapons. Some of them have swords while others have spears. Slowly they march up the stairs and open the grand double entrance doors. In their fastest sprints the guardians spread out throughout the house.

Raise your Swords

They barge into every room and find no sign of the shadow demon. However, when they look into the ballroom they see the stone-statue remains of Lady Merdia. Knowing that when an angel is killed they turn into stone, the knights and valkeries remove their helmets out of respect. There she is with her face turned to the sky and twisted in an agonized scream as if she had suffered.

“We have to catch this bastard.” The platinum haired valkerie states to the red-headed knight beside her.

He could not help but agree and nods his head at her.The knights and valkeries stand there staring at the angel’s statue waiting for the psychics and healers to come.They could not wait to get to the bottom of this horrible crime.The thought that this gracious woman being murdered fills them all with anger. Who that hell deserves a death like this let alone an angel?

We will never forget.


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