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Did you Party Like a Gatsby?

Gatsby Show Girls
The Movers and Shakers

In this case, the local people of Calgary sure did. Taken place in the Calgary Palace Theatre, where the drinks are flowing and the stage is up. Big band music is flowing through the speakers and the ambiance shines like the Gatsby Estate. People are dressed up like “the cat’s meow.” Glamorous, dapper, and flapper is the only way to be when you come to this swanky soirée. Just ask the Emcee named Mercury, who hails from the UK to start the party. However, he is not alone. Accompanying him is the Satin Dollz all the way from the USA. With their help and a few dance instructions, we get a good experience of how to move if we are ever caught up in a time warp. This party certainly is a window into the 1920’s time period.

With wild wacky jokes and even a little tune, Mercury gives us a taste of what we can expect for the evening. Thanks to him and his lovely curved ankles, we are introduced to the lovely Lady Josephine who teases and tantalizes with just a suggestive smile. A tip of her hat, flutter of her skirts, and bringing out the big feathered fans tells us that she is a burlesque performer. Thank goodness because what is the 20s without a little roaring?

This could never be a drag
Gatsby has an Emcee

The audience certainly roared when the juggling act performed by Bart Holland was on stage. As this was an adult only event, he did a little striptease down to his tuxedo underwear, all while manipulating the props he was throwing into the air. He certainly got the women’s and some of the men’s heart rates up. He was not the only prop master around this joint either. Kate Ryan who is a talented hula-hoop dancer has entranced the room with her fascinating act. Before our eyes, we watched her balance a hoop on her nose while spinning two hoops on each arm and one on her knees. Now that’s what you call “the bee’s knees.” But her most impressive stunt was spinning 20+ hoops on her entire body like she was being held in a force field.

Not that science fiction has any part in this but it certainly feels like Calgary did go back in time. A time where the two acrobats known as Matt and Lorynne take the stage and wowed the crowd with flips, handstands, and one hand knots. Sometimes they danced it together and sometimes they did their own stunts apart but when they were together it was like the impossible happened. With the lady balancing herself and twisting her whole body on the hands of her partner holding her up in the air was a wide-eyed wonder.

Cute Couple
What's a Party without Acrobats?

Things get a little dangerous when the knife throwing act comes out to play. Throwdini and Amanda Jane know how to make a crowd gasp and hold their breath. We watch Amanda Jane take on many poses while Throwdini tosses these edged-weapons in her direction, outlining the pose that she has taken on. At one point he covered his head with a bag and she tapped at various points on the board. He nailed it every time.

After the shows were over, it was time to dance whether it was music by the Nightunes Band or some slamming beats from the Great Grantsby (DJ). They got everybody’s feet moving and the night just floated away in a sea of “giggle water.” The rest of the night was meant to be spent “cutting a rug.” It’s easy to get swept away in this timeless period and have a ball. That’s why when it rolls around again, it’s good to jump on that bandwagon and get a ticket. But in the meantime, we shall sit back, relax, and enjoy a “glass of bubbles” while we wait for the next show to come to us. So “old sports,” we look forwards to seeing you next year for another Gatsby Party!

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