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Dandy Brewing Company Review

****4/5 Stars****

The Dandy Brewing Company
This is the Spot

A day in the Ramsay neighborhood calls for a cold brew, pizza slice, and a band playing in the background, also known as the Dandy Brewing Company. Sometimes it does not have to be that complicated. Instead you can just hang out on their lovely patio enjoying the sunshine.

The food was well-prepared and plentiful. You can smell that warm yeasty smell of the pizzas come straight out of the kitchen. It smells like heaven found its way in a brewery. The cider I had was cold, frothy, and hits the spot and a hot summer day. The cider tasted like apples, and sweet salvation. The pizza and cheese knots were very nice. The bites were warm and cheesy but sadly they both had a little bit of char on the bottom which is not the best.

The Dandy Brewing Company Food
A Drink and Snack

The people there were pleasant and accommodating. They were happy to answer any questions we had and gave some good recommendations on what is vegetarian friendly. This is a good place to plant yourself when you need a break from it all. Enjoy the music, the down-to-earth ambiance, and a refreshing homemade beverage.

Where to find them: 613 11 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2R 0E1,

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