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Cats That Bite and How to Make Them Stop

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Ouch! Your sweet tiny kitten just pounced on your bare foot. These sharp little claws and pointy teeth sink into your skin. It’s like a miniature beartrap clamping onto your ankle. Out of surprise, you jump out of your chair and shake the kitten off you. Don’t worry! You didn’t hurt your kitty but it left some nice long scratch marks on you. That playful little sneak still has that fire in its eyes that say, “I’m coming back for more.” Oh no! Who knew that this adorable ball of fluff would be such a terror? Although they are endearing, cats are natural predators. They tend to jump on, bite, gnaw, and just attack at what ever they can. There is good news though. Kittens are incredibly intelligent creatures and can be trained to not bite you. Here’s what you can do to get this cute little critter to leave your tender digits alone.

Kittens are a lot like our kids. They both need to learn how to behave while also being able to get rid of all that excess vigour. Luckily, as a fur parent, they have you to guide them. Cats bring many blessing with them even if they destroy your sofa. When you hold that little ball of fur in your arms, they curl up on you lap to snooze, or just look at you with those beautiful loving eyes, you can see that every minute you have with them is the best of their lives and yours.

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