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Can You All Say Kooza?

Bring on the Tents

The big tent is back! Down at the Stampede Grounds our Canadian-based international circus arrives and brings the magic with them. Seeing those black and white swirling tents out in the grounds reminds us how we are always searching for dreams to become a reality. Cirque du Soleil always seems to make the unbelievable believable. Kooza is no exception.

The show itself is nothing short of mind-blowing. The story is about an innocent clown who is looking for his place in the world. However, in order to achieve this, he has to go to this parallel universe where chills and thrills are the norm. He meets all new characters that opens his eyes to new possibilities. It opens the audiences’ eyes as well to the wonders of everything that these performers can do.

the Flaming Aerialist

The dance of the aerialist is like a flame the drops out of the sky. She spins, twirls, and bounces in every direction has a person’s heart race. The tight rope walkers have you shake in your seat, the way they jump, skip, and wobble on that apparatus. But none of that competes with the Wheel of Death where two daredevils defy gravity and stop your heart with their routine. To watch these masked men, flip and fly inside of these wheels was chilling enough. But to see them actually go on top of these wheels and practically fall great lengths makes it almost implausible. Clearly, it is called wheel of death for a reason.

However, not everything here is bright colours and rainbows. You see the clowns hop around and do a lot of physical slapstick humour along with other performers making a vivid show. But when the skeletons come out to play, that is when you can see that Halloween has come a little earlier this year. They are as impressive as the toy soldier characters but you can tell the difference in mood when you see them.

Send in the Soldiers

Speaking of mood, none of this could be achieved without the tremendous talent of the musicians. The singer in this troupe gives all of these emotions through her voice. You can tell that this set is meant to be confusing for the protagonist, joyful in the next, and fearful in the last. After having the pleasure of meeting her, you can tell that she is bringing a whole new passion to the cirque crowd.

It is always a pleasure to watch a Cirque du Soliel show because you can see all the wonderous creations and skills that people like this can show us. What seems so impossible turns out that it is not after all. The magic of a live show never ceases to amaze. Prepare to be swept away by this beautiful production.

Special Thanks to:

Being on the Inside

Cirque du Soleil: For blowing all of our minds with the most amazing shows. 125 9 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P 0S9.

Calgary Stampede: For giving the circus a place to sit.

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