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Calgary's Best Patios

Summer time has finally come to the YYC. You can feel it by the way the sun beats down through the hat on you put on your head. As you walk down the street, you notice your feet are sweating in your sandals. It’s clear you need a nice cold drink. However, you don’t want to just leave that wonderful fresh balmy air. Luckily, in Calgary you have a selection of patios that meets every need under the sun. Want a good selection? Here is a great start:

The season of summer in Calgary is a time that we all wish wouldn’t end. That’s why it is important to take advantage when we have such a short but sweet period of it. Our local pubs, eateries and cafes give us this service every year. It’s never too late to take in some sun and open our minds, hearts and lungs to the fresh air that our outdoor patios provide. Jump on that and enjoy!

Special Thank you to: YYC Scene for giving me a chance to tell you of our cities great places.

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