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Blood on the Wall

A Dark Creepy Night

*This short story may contain images and scenes that may be disturbing for some viewers. Disgretion is adviced*

A dark, quiet night has me sleeping peacefully in my bed. I had a busy day at work so a long night’s rest before my weekend starts is more than welcome. A deep slumber has me at my most comfortable but that changes when a rustling sound comes from my living room. Shaken awake, I listen to make sure that I am hearing this and it isn’t in my sleep. It sounds like someone is picking up one of my books and dropping it on the floor. I am very much awake and now there is someone in my home looking to steal from me.

I lean over to grab the hiking stick beside my bed. Thank goodness I am planning to go on a hike tomorrow otherwise I’d have to drag these out of my coat closet. I pick it up and get out of bed. Slowly, I go down the hall towards my living room. I hear footsteps coming from there like someone is sneaking around. I grip the hiking stick tightly and I step into the living room. I see nothing and for that reason, I turn on the light. There is no one in there and nothing is out of place.

The TV is sitting on the cabinet as it should be, my music player is intact, and everything is in its place. However, my search is not over. I’m not convinced that the intruder is gone. They could be in one of the other rooms. I take a deep breath and slowly walk towards the kitchen. It’s not big, just a small closed in room with a window where I can see everything thanks to both natural daylight and the street lights at night. Once again, I see nothing but I remember that my office with my laptop is adjacent to the kitchen. So, I make my way to the office and I see my screen-saver is playing on my laptop. It is a bright and colorful picture of a tropical island, so it lights up the entire room. Thankfully, there is no one in there either.

With a sigh, I rest my hiking stick down by my leg and walk out my office. I walk through my kitchen and back into the living room. When I make it to the light switch, I take one last look around and now know that there is nothing to worry about. I flick the switch off and prepare to go back to bed. Before I can take that first step up my stairs, I hear a deafening boom behind me. The sound nearly knocks me off my feet when I turn to look at the wall where the bang came from.

Blood on the Wall

My normally white wall starts to drip this long red liquid. It starts from the ceiling and goes all the way down to the floor. I reach out my shaky hand to touch this liquid. The feel of it is thicker than water but less oily than an egg. I put it to my nose and it has a slight metallic smell. I couldn’t even gasp at the sight of this. Looking back up at this wall running red, I realize that this liquid is blood. There is no reason for this.

It continues to rain down like a gory waterfall and I can see my own shocked expression reflected in it. My whole wall suddenly becomes this disgusting crimson mirror. This sick, heavy feeling creeps in my gut and I know that I am going to vomit right on this spot. I open my mouth to scream but nothing comes out.

Without warning, everything goes black. Am I dead? What happens now? I see nothing. There is no light, I have no ground beneath my feet, or anything that I can touch with my hands. This must be death.

“I have to get away!” I think to myself in a panic. I try running but I end up nowhere. I start waving my arms like I’m swimming but still I find nothing to grab onto. I let out a scream only to have it echo back to me. What am I going to do?

Suddenly, there is this bright light that gets bigger and bigger until it envelopes me. My eyes open and I am at the bottom of my stairs, facing the wall that was bleeding. There is no evidence what-so-ever that the wall bled at all. It shocks me so much because I know I was not dreaming. I was wide awake! I heard those noises and I saw what I saw. Being here lying on the floor with my hiking stick is proof of all this. I clearly fainted from witnessing this phenomenon. I am not one to be frightened easily or just randomly fall asleep at the bottom of my stairs. I remembered how everything went black and this blackness lasted for what seemed like five minutes.

Early Morning

I look towards the window and see that it is daylight. I sit up from the floor and look at the clock. It’s nearly 10:00 AM. This is so scary and I am completely traumatized. Why did my walls bleed like this? There has to be some kind of explanation. Mental Illness? Rusty water leak? …Or is it something else? Please give me the answer.


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