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Beauty and the Beast Immersive Cocktail Experience

*As seen in "YYScene" in Print*

What if you can get whisked away into an enchanted world and have an adventure to remember? “The Beauty and the Beast Cocktail Experience” is giving Calgary a chance to do just that from March 24 to December 31. Not just a beloved movie for Disney but also a longstanding fairy-tale novel written by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont.

What some people do not know is that this story is based on the real-life story of Petrus Gonsalvus and his bride-to-be Catherine. He was a man who suffered from a condition called hypertrichosis where thick hair covers the face and body of a person. The funny thing is, this did not bother Catherine and the two of them lived happily together for the rest of their lives.

We loved the “Alice in Wonderland” experience, so it only seems natural to have another classic story come to life right before our eyes. The “Beauty and the Beast.” experience was such a hit in New York City in 2021, and now Calgary gets a chance to see this wonderful world unfold. Thanks to the good people who brought us “The Alice Cocktail Experience, Neverland, and The Wizard’s Den,” we have something very special in our own backyard.

For a short time, you can immerse yourself in the charmed world of a prince who is cursed to be a beast. All of Calgary is invited to a Victorian cocktail party where dressing up is strongly encouraged. After all, when you go into an captivated castle, should you not dress to impress? This party has elaborate cocktails and tasty treats for all to enjoy.

You start off with a welcome glass of prosecco that a couple of lovely French servants bring you. Follow that up with a drink concoction of your own choice. What you choose will depend upon what you want most in life which could be wealth, love, lust, or fame. A couple of sweet little cream-filled pastries just waiting to be gobbled up will be given to you. Finish this all up with a love potion that releases the beast from his terrible curse.

A mix of the theater and an escape room is what the public can expect when you dive into this 90-minute veiled adventure. Whether you are looking for a family friendly day to spend with some young loved ones or wanting to have a fun date night with your sweetie, a little magic is guaranteed.

What is more fantastic than a beautiful fairy-tale setting where you mix up cocktails, solve riddles, and enjoy making some new friends? This is especially true when you get some small treats, a sip of a love potion, and join some marvelous characters to save these magical people from such a terrible fate. They will help you to find the clues, get the ingredients needed for your cocktails, and unlock the mysteries of the castle. So, all is revealed when you experience this entrancing journey.

One thing that they do swear by though is not to overstay your welcome or take anything. Who knows what will happen if you do? You might just take the curse with you. And who would want that to happen? So, make sure that when you visit this secret location (It is given when you purchase your ticket) leave everything you saw it as is. Although I can not disclose where this event is, I can tell you that it was chosen because it has been used in the past for its versatility and accessibility.

When real life gets you down, it is time to search for a little magic. Thanks to the talented theatrical team of Hidden we are given a creative story that reminds us of a “tale as old as time.” It is also an original story for all to see that gives us an interactive experience. So do not wait too long to see this wonderful world of make-believe come to life right before your eyes. After all, time is ticking.

Tickets to this fantastical fete costs $47 plus tax. Get your tickets here;

Special Thanks goes to:

YYScene: For publishing this work in print and constant support.

Hidden Calgary: For bringing such an enchanting tale to life here in our city.

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