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Amato Gelato - 17 Avenue

First of all, I would like to say that this is a beautiful place! The atmosphere is open, clean, and inviting. I could stay here for hours on end, and enjoy myself. I love their hanging plants and Italian decor. The whole thing is modern, but still has that authentic feel.

The food and drinks are lovely. I had a tea with a biscotti. The flavours played very well with each other. Everything was fresh and beautifully presented.

Sadly, this is where the good ends. The gentlemen working here were not very friendly. In fact, I found them dismissive and resentful that I was there. I was looking at all the food, and had questions. But they didn’t approach me, ask me how I was doing, or if I had questions.

It was more like, “ what do you want?” And they still told me to wait.

I waited for 10 minutes to get served. When I was walking along the trying to decide if I want some gelato. I still felt the young man’s icy demeanor

. He didn’t offer me a sample or ask if I had any questions.

In the future, I recommend that these employees work on their customer, service and people skills. We, the customers want to feel welcome.

To find this place:

Amato Gelato - 17th Ave: 602 17 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2S 0B4,

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