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All Hallows Year

The leaves on the trees have turned and they gently fall onto the ground. There is a chill in the air that tells you that winter is coming. You look up at the early night sky with the hues of dark blue taking over the reds and oranges. You can see that October has come at last. Thanks to the pumpkin chai latte in your hand, you feel the warmth of it on your hands as it protects you from the cooling night air.

“Ah!” You say with delight as you sniff your spicy hot drink and indulge in a sip of that autumn goodness.

You keep walking down the street towards your car since you are ready to go home. It could be because you’re tired but you feel a little dreamy and think about Halloween. You get into your car, and a flood of questions fills your head.

“Why does it only last for one night?” You think wistfully as you turn the keys in your car. “Why can’t it last all year?”

Luckily enough there are a couple of places and experiences where our favourite creepy holiday can be enjoyed no matter what time of the year it is. Here is where you can go if you ever find yourself wishing for All Hallows Eve.

People love Halloween because it reminds us not just the scary side of things but that the world is filled with infinite possibilities. The one time when the imaginary is real, the impossible is suddenly possible, and we get to be whatever we want to be. It’s a shame that there is only one day that we can celebrate All Hallows Eve, but it is also what makes it so special. It’s also nice to know that if we do miss it, there are places we can go to that reminds us why we love it so.

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