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Alice Through the Looking Glass - Immersive Cocktail Experience

*As seen in "Big Kitty Magazine."

Alice is back! Her adventures in Wonderland are not over as the White Queen calls on her aid again. This time, however, the noble folks of Calgary have the chance to help her out. Thanks to one of the most cherished books of all time and countless movies, we get to see it all come to life right in front of us. As Alice’s first adventure was a big hit, the good people of Hidden are promising a bigger, better adventure than the first one. Is this true? You decide because I am biased when it comes to “Alice in Wonderland.”

In this go around, Alice’s mission is to turn back time in order to defeat the Jabberwocky and find a missing item. What is this item you may ask? That is apart of the mystery you need to help Alice solve. Everything is as topsy-turvy as it was in the first event. You are going to find yourself in a zany place where there are backward mirrors, hidden chests, and a man-sized chess game that you play with the White Queen.

You will meet kooky characters such as the Smoking Caterpillar and the Cheshire Cat. They will not only be there to greet you but help you to solve the riddles, find secret clues, and complete the challenges that you will face. Throughout this adventure, you will get to enjoy some tasty treats worthy of a royal high tea, a couple of Alice-themed cocktails that will send you spinning, and learn the futterwacken dance to impress your most stoic of friends.

How can all of this happen in a 90-minutes? Luckily you do have a time-machine that helps with that. We all know that it is very easy to get lost in Wonderland especially when you have fallen down the rabbit hole to get there. But it could also be the smoky drink that makes the Mad Hatter get a little zanier. Don’t worry, he will be there to help you make it correctly.

After such a thrill ride of unexpected happenings and quirky circumstances, it is up to you to decide whether Wonderland is real or just some wacky dream. No matter what you decide, it will be a “tea party” that you will never forget and leave you with a bigger smile than everybody’s favourite crazy cat.

This is an 18+ event but they do throw family friendly events at certain times. Whatever your adventure may be, you can get your ticket for $47. Tickets are sold here:

Special Thanks to:

Big Kitty Magazine: For publishing this in print. You guys are awesome!

Hidden Calgary: For creating such an amazing event for people to enjoy!

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