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Adoption Update: Kira

We all thought that this sweet little pup is destined to become an internet sensation. As you can see, this girl now goes by the name Kira and she knows how to pose cutely for pictures. According to her new family, she is so smart that she has learned many tricks and commands.

Since moving in with her new furrever family, she has come out of her shell by becoming more animated and outgoing. She loves meeting new people and puppies. The family has a cat named Isla. As it turns out the cat is very timid but the good news is, she is getting used to having the new puppy around.

In conclusion, Kira has been an absolute treasure for this family. After two months she has grown tremendously. It is amazing how adopting a pet can create a wholeness in a family. Be sure to find a little angel here that you can make a home with too.

Special Thanks to:

AARCS: For all that they do. To become a wonderful story like this one. Visit their website today.


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