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Activate Calgary Southwest Review

***** 5/5 Stars *****

Get ready to ... Activate!

A group of friends and I came here over the weekend for an adventure. That is just what we got! We never thought of ourselves as gamers but this place just might have some converts.

When you walk in, you see a place that is clean, minimal, and easy access to some snack machines (thank you). It feels like you are about to receive a 007 mission except you have friendly staff members to guide you. Once you pay you are given a bracelet (or two), you are given instructions. The blue one is for the locker while the white one "activates" the games you want to play,

After you hear everything the customer service team has to tell you, you go down this long dark hall filled with bright neon lights leading you down a path to all of your mission options. So for 1 hour and 15 minutes you have an abundance of exuberant games that keep you moving. You have to shoot some hoops, dodge some lasers, climb the walls, hide from the evil eye, and jump on some coloured tiles. This is just to name a few. Although there are many beginner friendly games be sure to wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Also brush up on your memory games because at some point you will need it.

So Mysterious...

Playing all these games 75 minutes just flies by. We were laughing, smiling , and found ourselves just a little fitter after being here. You won't need to go to the gym after this. If you have a lot of energetic kids, bring them here to get rid of all that. Everybody will sleep good after visiting here.

The people running this place are really good. If they see you struggling they will come and help you. They give instructions on the games that are easier to follow when the displays are not helping you. As they are always walking around, you can go right up to them and ask a question. They are happy to assist you and do so with both knowledge and kindness.

This is a perfect place to spend a couple of hours. When you just want to go out, reach your inner child, and have a little fun this place is for you. So go on down, get your bracelet and see if you can win one of their fabulous prizes. Activate adventure NOW!

Activate Calgary Southwest: 13226 Macleod Trail SE Unit 146, Calgary, AB T2J 7C6.

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